18 July, 2011

Not a fishing trip...but still catching fish?

I don't really recall how the rod, the flies, and all of the other gear made it into the car, but it all ended up in my hands with a free two hours, a backpack, Holly, and a mountain lake. 

And there were denizens of the centrarchid kind willing to eat all manner of things presented. Some larger than you might expect; and most were my favorite kind of "bluegill"

Lepomis auritus
Here's to fishing...when you're not supposed to be of course.


  1. Really nice. It's funny how the gear just finds its way to the trunk of the car...my wife comments on that exact thing more than I like to admit.

    Great photos!

  2. Cool. I dig that little building. Log posts and shake roof setting on an interesting rock. Liked being able to click and get the lowdown on bluegills too. Thank you!

  3. That looks beautiful. A perfect spot to take a load off and do some recreational fishing.