24 June, 2011

Summer time

It's summer time and warmwater fishing on the North Shore of Boston has been fantastic. Visited a local trout pond and discovered an abundant and healthy resident centrarchid population; the angling was outstanding too. And all of it in a beautiful place only ~15 minutes from Ichthyographic central. Supposedly holdover and stocked trout in the fall; its on baby.

Rotund L. macrochirus

Average M. slamoides, from "trout pond"

L gibbosus ready for a date
Using Google Earth, I found a series of 2 ponds 1.3 miles from my living room; Holly (my one year old and local fishing guide) and I took a little stroll (literally) and found another fantastic spot to catch all manner of finned quarry. Bank access and fly casting room in abundance too. 

L. macrochirus from secret neighborhood pond

I love summer, how about you?


  1. Nice...well done! Looks like a fun little trip.

  2. Thanks Sanders, it was a lot of fun and I might just head back up there today...that is, of course, if the rain will stop for while.

  3. Some nice slabs there!

    (By the way, I can send you some more info about building a pram, since I don't know when I'll get around to making a new Angler's Culvert post - do you have an e-mail address you can provide?)

  4. T.J.,

    Send the information to ichthyographia (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks so much!

  5. Hi,
    I'm a new follower. Like your blog The text and the pics. I also like your interest in all species. I def love summer!

  6. HB,

    Thanks for following; I have your blog in my RSS now. Looks like you are in Maine or New Hampshire, right? I need to know where some of those upland spots are....

  7. Me too! Although autumn romances.
    Love that first pic, and the captions 'bout sums it up, eh? "Rotund." Nice! Glad I found your blog (through Herringbone). Good stuff!