16 March, 2011

A neglected blog is...a negelected blog

Seriously, I promise, I had great intentions when I started this blog. I am going to redouble my efforts , however, and try to at least get a few of my thoughts into words on this little piece of electronic real estate.

In my own defense, I have been busy. Not fishing, unfortunately, but participating in  some mundane career building activities. Lately, most of my time has been spent finishing up some manuscripts for publication.  I also completely revamped my academic application materials and sent those out to a local college. 

On the fun side, the wife and I are on spring break and we have been taking the dogs and the kid hiking a lot. It is getting warmer every day here in Massachusetts, which reminds me (panic!) that I need to buy my fishing license! 

Me, much younger, in Mexico with a new species of Scartomyzon.

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